Lantian WS2812B LED + 5V Active Buzzer for NAZE32 CC3D F3 F4 Flight Controller for RC Drone FPV Racing

Gergely Soóky Wrote 1187 days ago.


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    • By PAGAAZ 29/03/2018 It is super simple to connect and to use if you´r planning to connect it to an rc model (drone,plane,car,boat) it is super simple to connect and to make it work you basicly dont have to do almos any soldering it came with cables to solder to it and you are done you basicly just have to solder the cables to the buzzer and to the Rc model. the LED light are super bright and the buzzer is very loud. I really recomend this product The quality is super good
    • By Lemoh 12/09/2018 4 светодиода (WS2812B+ 5V) и активная пищалка от Lantian, хороший вариант для использования при сборке квадрика. а чтобы ничего не отвалилось перед установкой желательно залить все термоклеем. в компл екте провода для подключения к полетнику 4 LEDs (WS2812B+ 5V) and active Buzzer from Lantian, a good option for use
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