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How can I get more Banggood points?

You can earn Banggood points by following these methods and then exchange them for coupons:

1.When confirming your e-mail address: 50 points

You will receive 50 points only after verifying your e-mail address. You will not be awarded Banggood points for each time in which you modify your e-mail address.

2.When posting reviews, videos or pictures on a product page: 10 - 40 points per review
Product review: 10 points
Picture of a product: 10 points
Video of a product: 40 points

3.When placing an order, except for shipping fees:
Every dollar you spend on purchasing our products will result in 1 Banggood point (1USD = 100 Banggood point), with the exclusion of shipping fees.
Points will be added to your account balance after your order has been shipped.
Note: you will not receive Banggood points when placing a drop-ship order.

4.Check in daily for bonus points


Consecutive check-ins earn bonus rewards and surprise gifts

Click to check-in:https://www.banggood.com/index.php?com=account&t=vipClub


5.complete tasks

Earn points by completing small daily tasks

Click to complete the tasks:https://www.banggood.com/index.php?com=account&t=vipTaskList 

Join our Affiliates Program
Send customers to Banggood and receive points for each order they place. Discover more about our Affiliates Program here.

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