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                        Item condition: 100% brand new OEM and in good working condition
                        Exactly match a variety of laptop models

                        Compatible models:
                        This adapter is compatible with the following HP/Compaq Notebooks :
                        HP Pavilion dv2000t (EQ784AV) CTO Notebook PC EQ784AV, EQ784AVR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2000t (EQ785AV) CTO Notebook PC EQ785AV, EQ785AVR 
                        Compaq Presario V3000 (CTO) Notebook PC EQ787AV 
                        HP Pavilion dv2000t (EQ883AV) CTO Notebook PC EQ883AV, EQ883AVR 
                        Compaq Presario V3000T (CTO) Notebook PC EQ969AV, EQ969AVR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2040US Notebook PC EZ717UA, EZ717UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2050US Notebook PC EZ718UA, EZ718UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2040CA Notebook PC EZ723UA, EZ723UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2310ca Notebook PC GA154UA, GA154UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2313ca Notebook PC GA155UA, GA155UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2402ca Notebook PC GA483UA, GA483UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2420us Notebook PC GA532UA, GA532UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2415nr Notebook PC GA534UA, GA534UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2413cl Notebook PC GA535UA, GA535UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2416us Notebook PC GA536UA, GA536UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2419us Notebook PC GA537UA, GA537UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2222la Notebook PC GB410LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2145br Notebook PC GC808LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2400 (GD275AV) CTO Notebook PC GD275AAR, GD275AV 
                        HP Pavilion dv2400 (GD712AV) CTO Notebook PC GD712AV 
                        HP Pavilion dv2240br Notebook PC GE679LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2245br Notebook PC GE835LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2250br Notebook PC GE836LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2255br Notebook PC GE837LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2260br Notebook PC GE838LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2301au Notebook PC GG197PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2247br Notebook PC GG397LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2410ca Notebook PC GM035UA, GM035UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2413ca Notebook PC GM037UA, GM037UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2412ca Notebook PC GM038UA, GM038UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2422ca Notebook PC GM039UA, GM039UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2404ca Notebook PC GM040UA, GM040UAR 
                        Compaq Presario V3404AU Notebook PC GM180PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3406AU Notebook PC GM181PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3412AU Notebook PC GM187PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3413AU Notebook PC GM195PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3417AU Notebook PC GM199PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3418AU Notebook PC GM200PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3419AU Notebook PC GM220PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3407TX Notebook PC GM222PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3408TX Notebook PC GM223PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3417LA Notebook PC GM643LA 
                        Compaq Presario V3418LA Notebook PC GM645LA 
                        Compaq Presario V3412TX Notebook PC GN412PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3413TX Notebook PC GN413PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2001xx MV-IUR Notebook PC RA698AS, RA698ASR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2009xx Notebook PC RA700AS 
                        HP Pavilion dv2004tx Notebook PC RB708PA, RB708PAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2005xx MV-IUR Notebook PC RC281AS, RC281ASR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2000z CTO Notebook PC RD140AV, RD140AVR 
                        Compaq Presario V3000Z CTO Notebook PC RD153AV, RD153AVR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2035LA Notebook PC RD263LA, RD263LAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2035la Notebook PC RD264LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2006tu Notebook PC RD444PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2008tu Notebook PC RD446PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3018TU Notebook PC RD473PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3040TU Notebook PC RD607PA, RD607PAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2200 (RD856AV) CTO Notebook PC RD856AV 
                        HP Pavilion dv2102tx Notebook PC RE047PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2110tx Notebook PC RE087PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2115tx Notebook PC RE116PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3070TU Notebook PC RE162PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2200 (RE176AV) CTO Notebook PC RE176AV 
                        HP Pavilion dv2200 (RE178AV) CTO Notebook PC RE178AV 
                        HP Pavilion dv2120us Notebook PC RG404UA, RG404UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2174cl Notebook PC RG406UA, RG406UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2125nr Notebook PC RG408UA, RG408UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2120ca Notebook PC RG411UA, RG411UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2116wm Notebook PC RG414UA, RG414UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2110rs Notebook PC RG415UA, RG415UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2130us Notebook PC RG498UA, RG498UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2134us Notebook PC RG499UA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2129us Notebook PC RG500UA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2088xx MV-IUR Notebook PC RH222AS, RH222ASR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2200 (RK416AV) CTO Notebook PC RK416AV 
                        Compaq Presario V3200 (RK434AV) CTO Notebook PC RK434AV 
                        HP Pavilion dv2123tx Notebook PC RL368PA, RL368PAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2126tx Notebook PC RL559PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2125la Notebook PC RM421LA, RM421LAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2135la Notebook PC RM422LA, RM422LAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2141tx Notebook PC RM620PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3000T (RM666AV) CTO Notebook PC RM666AV 
                        Compaq Presario V3200 (RM667AV) CTO Notebook PC RM667AV 
                        HP Pavilion dv2000T CTO Notebook PC RM668AV, RM668AVR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2200 (RM669AV) CTO Notebook PC RM669AV 
                        HP Pavilion dv2115ea Notebook PC RN057EA, RN057EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2116ea Notebook PC RN059EA, RN059EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2173ea Notebook PC RN060EA, RN060EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2172ea Notebook PC RN062EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2190ea Notebook PC RN063EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2130ea Notebook PC RN064EA, RN064EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2175ea Notebook PC RN065EA, RN065EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2172ea Notebook PC RN066EA, RN066EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2106ea Notebook PC RN067EA, RN067EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2174ea Notebook PC RN071EA, RN071EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2196ea Notebook PC RN072EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2197ea Notebook PC RN073EA, RN073EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2184ea Notebook PC RN074EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2185ea Notebook PC RN075EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2104eu Notebook PC RN079EA, RN079EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2106eu Notebook PC RN085EA, RN085EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2210us Notebook PC RP408UA, RP408UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2220us Notebook PC RP409UA, RP409UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2213cl Notebook PC RP410UA, RP410UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2214us Notebook PC RP412UA, RP412UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2221us Notebook PC RP413UA, RP413UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2225nr Notebook PC RP415UA, RP415UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2049tx Notebook PC RP871PC 
                        HP Pavilion dv2125la Notebook PC RP903LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2160la Notebook PC RP996LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2145tx Notebook PC RQ070PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2146tx Notebook PC RQ072PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3149AU Notebook PC RQ079PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2147tx Notebook PC RQ082PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2115tu Notebook PC RQ083PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3200TU Notebook PC RQ086PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2148tx Notebook PC RQ092PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2149tx Notebook PC RQ093PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2150tx Notebook PC RQ097PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2151tx Notebook PC RQ098PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2152tx Notebook PC RQ099PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3162AU Notebook PC RQ111PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3201AU Notebook PC RQ112PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3202AU Notebook PC RQ113PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2153tx Notebook PC RQ116PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2154tx Notebook PC RQ117PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2155tx Notebook PC RQ118PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2121tu Notebook PC RQ119PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2122tu Notebook PC RQ135PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3203AU Notebook PC RQ136PA, RQ136PAR 
                        Compaq Presario V3204AU Notebook PC RQ137PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3203TU Notebook PC RQ140PA, RQ140PAR 
                        Compaq Presario V3204TU Notebook PC RQ141PA, RQ141PAR 
                        Compaq Presario V3205TU Notebook PC RQ142PA, RQ142PAR 
                        Compaq Presario V3207TU Notebook PC RQ146PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3208TU Notebook PC RQ147PA, RQ147PAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2138xx MV-IUR Notebook PC RQ864AS 
                        HP Pavilion dv2196ea Notebook PC RR091EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2184ea Notebook PC RR093EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2150ea Notebook PC RR099EA, RR099EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2130ea Notebook PC RR101EA, RR101EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2134ea Notebook PC RR102EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2152ea Notebook PC RR103EA, RR103EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2151ea Notebook PC RR104EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2175ea Notebook PC RR106EA, RR106EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2133ea Notebook PC RR108EA, RR108EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2201xx Notebook PC RU264AS 
                        HP Pavilion dv2201ca Notebook PC RU767UA, RU767UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2213ca Notebook PC RU768UA, RU768UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2202ca Notebook PC RU769UA, RU769UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2157tx Notebook PC RU898PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3137TU Notebook PC RU915PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2310us Notebook PC RV322UA, RV322UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2320us Notebook PC RV323UA, RV323UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2313cl Notebook PC RV325UA, RV325UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2312us Notebook PC RV326UA, RV326UAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2315us Notebook PC RV372UA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2317us Notebook PC RV373UA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2317ca Notebook PC RV375UA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2147ea Notebook PC RW120EA, RW120EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2126ea Notebook PC RW121EA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2125ea Notebook PC RW122EA, RW122EAR 
                        HP Pavilion dv2220la Notebook PC RX554LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2225la Notebook PC RX557LA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2400 (RX692AV) CTO Notebook PC RX692AV 
                        Compaq Presario V3239TU Notebook PC RY294PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3250TU Notebook PC RZ859PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2213tu Notebook PC RZ870PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2203au Notebook PC RZ875PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2161tx Notebook PC RZ880PA 
                        HP Pavilion dv2214tu Notebook PC RZ893PA 
                        Compaq Presario V3256TU Notebook PC RZ896PA

                        Package includes:
                        1 x Hard Disk Drive Connector for HP Pavilion DV2000 SATA


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