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MichiganMike I was able to fix the issue with the camera jumping. I took the unit apart and found the slide that the camera moves on was hitting the battery. I noticed that the battery was not fully stuck on the s... See more

MichiganMike 2018-01-14 00:45:41
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MichiganMike If you live in the US. Jameco is pretty reasonable.

asct1 2017-09-17 22:26:54
Initially it failed to work once assembled. I found that one of the 1n4148 diodes was bad. This caused it to only give a fraction of a volt, and I am fairly sure it would have burned the opamps especially U2 if I hadn't noticed it was quickly getting hot. I am unsure if the diode came in defective, or failed after installing it, as I did not test it before installing it. I happened to have some See More
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