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ElectronicYard 16/01/2021
Here's a little review about the product. Overall: First off, I'm using the tool for months now. And all in all, I'm happy with it and can recommend it for the price. I think it's good for hobbyists and people on a low budget. Packaging: The product came very securly packed in a protection bag that you also have for laptops as you can see in the image. Mounting: I mainly chose this product because of the brand name. price, and because of the clamp size of 81mm. I needed to clamp it on my laboratory table with a 5.5cm border. The clamp plate is only secured by this little metal ring as you can see on the picture. 5.5cm is the absolute maximum of clamping range. So when I tried the first mounting the metal ring jumped straight off and the plate was loose. Might be due to that I tried the maximum range. Now, I have it mounted only by the screw but it holds very sturdy (Using it for months now). So at best make sure that you won't clamp it on anything with a border of > 5.3cm I'd suggest. Without the plate 5.5cm is the max. Power Consumption: From the image you can see that when I chose the bright light and set the level on brightest, the power consumption was about 1.72A (that's max). Brightness: I'm pretty happy with the brightness. In the image you can see the max brightness in a dark room (shot during nighttime). If you take the lamp further away it lights up the table perfectly. And closing in on the object everything is clearly visible. Magnification: For some mediocre inspections and probe testings the magnification glass is pretty nice. But for very tiny soldering you won't get around an additional microscope. But for general electronics I like it. You also have a good field of view. The last two pictures show some example view through the magnifier glass. I'm pretty happy with the product and would definitely recommend it. Maybe this review helps someone, who's trying to figure out which one to buy..
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