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Q: hpw can we paring this ??

Asked by johanvandenbussche on 2019-10-25 01:02:18

AkselJensen The transmitter comes bound to the receiver. However, you can bind the receiver to a different transmitter or bind another receiver to the transmitter. The receiver comes with a plug that you have to put into the bind port before powering the receiver. The Transmitter is put into bind mode by pressing and holding the bind button while powering on the transmitter. As far as I can tell the transmitter is identical to a FlySky FS-i4X or a Turnigy TGY-i4X. Get a manual for one of those and you're golden. Information about the receiver is harder to come by. CH1 is PPM, CH2-CH4 is VRA, SWA, VRB.

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