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BG344242413 To read all the comments, NOBODY talks about the autonomy of this scooter, I have had it myself for 1 month (Ordered on 11/14/2020 ... received on 01/292021). I am VERY far from the 80 / 100 km of autonomy announced for me is 35/45 km MAXI. I carried out 4 full charges with the 2 chargers ....Anyone have any idea jQuery191015959510075822125_1614677336768, I ride most of the time only with the 2 speed rear wheel.

BG344242413 03/02/2021
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BG344242413 Bonjour,un des rare commentaire en français,que pensez vous de votre trottinette ? Bon achat et vitesse maxi constatée? Merci ,suis intéressé mais 90 % des commentaires en langues étrangères,suis un peu perdu. Cordialement. J B

BG161231713 27/10/2020
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