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Q: where to get the battery?

Asked by Muun1899 on 2023-12-28 06:34:51

BeardedViking Asiateesusually have Orlandoo batteries in stock. I have seen them on RCMart as well.

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Q: what s is the lipo and can I upgrade to 2s or 3s

Asked by BG435545161 on 2021-02-26 07:36:15

BeardedViking Stockbattery is a small 1S battery, and that is what the stock electronics can take. Hobby Plus has a 2S electronics upgrade kit for these little rigs, with new and better servo, new motor, esc and receiver. That upgrade kit is well worth it.

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Q: is is brushless? what size has the motor?

Asked by ASSI on 2019-09-24 11:52:27

BeardedViking Brushed030 motor, ESC can take 2S batterier. Servo is decently strong, and far better than the stock servo in the CR24 rigs. 030 motor is the same size as the stock motor in the CR24, as well as in the SCX24. The motor is quite strong, but not very fast.

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Q: 30A ESC will work for this ?

Asked by Ken on 2023-08-17 04:14:20

BeardedViking I'm still waiting for mine, but having built many RCs, and this one just having a standard motor, it can run pretty much any brushed ESC, as long as it fits in there. You'll also need a receiver, and that can be any receiver you'd like, but considering this thing has a bunch of lights, I'd think one with a built in light controller would be best - like a Dumbo RC.

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Q: What do I do if my axle gears are skiping?

Asked by Albinimini on 2021-02-17 02:22:05

BeardedViking Theaxle gears are plastic, and if you have been unlucky and broken them, you can get replacement axles with the gears on. They are quite cheap. Sold as Hobby Plus, RGT, FTX, Enduro 24 and so on. A lot of the cheaper 24th scale crawlers use the same axles. I bought some spares on EuroRC, but they also have them on Asiatees, Aliexpress and so on. Probably places like Amain as well.

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Q: works in wpl c24-1?

Asked by BG442312151 on 2021-10-20 06:13:42

BeardedViking Notwith the WPL electronics, but if you have a standalone ESC it will work fine. I have two of these, and they are quite nice. I'd suggest getting something like an ISDT ESC70 or Hobbywing 1080 to pair with this. Far better than what WPL offers in the electronics department.

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Q: Funguje na WPL B36 ?

Asked by mfmf2 on 2020-11-18 02:15:25

BeardedViking Yes,but it's not very strong. Fits perfectly though.

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Q: Are these the Soft ones, supplied with the Kit ?

Asked by RC_Walker on 2018-03-31 08:29:04

BeardedViking Yes

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BeardedViking Use the tracking feature. It usually takes a little while for them to get from China to Europe. All my banggood orders go through the Netherlands, and once they show up there I can track it every step of the way to my door.

AzizNancy 26/03/2023
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Q: how long are the springs? and can you fill them with oil?

Asked by BG954503553 on 2020-11-10 09:28:16

BeardedViking Theycan be filled with oil, but they leak like crazy, so it's not worth it. The springs are very hard, and the shocks are not very smooth. All in all a pretty bad shock...

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Q: Este articulo trae con batería, servo y motor?

Asked by Gurpilak on 2019-04-17 07:49:11

BeardedViking It has everything you need except the battery. You have to buy a battery separately.

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