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Gaposis Support dual DC input: 5-35 volts; dual AC input: 3-27 volts; output dual DC: 1.5-37 volts; maximum current: 1.5 amps; minimum voltage difference between input and output: 3 volts (input and output are best at 10V Internally, 3-5V is the best. This is a linear IC. The power consumption is proportional to the pressure difference. Too much pressure difference will increase the power consumption of 317/337. You need to increase the heat sink. It is recommended that the maximum voltage difference cannot exceed 20V)

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Marty OK- I was unaware that the difficulties involved were caused by the Acrylic plasticoat over the entire front of the card... Scrape away the coating and ¡Viola! Seriously! it's like 3 microns thick and tough, but I suspect your soldering Iron eventually burned through it... as mine did... They should probably put that in the instructions... And where can I find mounting for this thing it's awesome!!

Chris 02/12/2017
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