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Q: How can I manage the resolution of recorded videos?

Asked by MaciejG on 2018-01-08 02:48:56

Mrtongue No

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MaciejG 27/06/2020
Product arrived in about 3 weeks and it’s all good I can say about it. I ordered sport camera HD, but I had got something what looks like camera, but is only a its mocke-up. Product is not the same as on photos at At first sight you can perceive lack of HDMI output what gives rise to a presumption of problems with promised resolution. Reality appears much worse. This (so named HD sport) camera has, independently of settings only one resolution 640 x 480. BTW settings are hidden under another combinations of pressed buttons an no intuitive. Sometimes you should press shortly and sometimes to change option pressing should be longer. Described in instruction menu cycles only through: recording video, picture or voice and playback them options. To call out settings menu you should press longer OK button. I ordered AUGIENB WiFi 4K HD 1080P 2 Inches Touchscreen Sport Camera Action DVR but I got something another. Resolution: no 4K, no HD 1080p, not even 720p. I can change resolution through 1080p, 720p, VGA, but still videos have real resolution 640 x 480 with 30 fps. Quality of this videos is terrible: center of image is overexposed when on other parts of images is visible vignetting (borders are darker and have another hue and saturation). Independently of settings photos still have resolution 640 x 480. No WiFI No touchscreen No promised stabilization (anti-shaking) of image No continuous shooting No timed photo mode Reading opinions of other users I see that some of them had got correct products, and after the time Banggood changed some specs of product. But I have an acknowledgement of shopping product described as AUGIENB WiFi 4K HD 1080P 2 Inches Touchscreen Sport Camera Action. I requested refund my order. I attaché link to Youtube, where I placed a short (15 s) video. Those, who will not recognize what is presented on it, I inform: it’s view at garden. This product isn’t even a gadget.
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Q: What is max weight of supported smartphone?

Asked by MaciejG on 2018-03-20 09:21:02

Bizzmo_ I think maybe 300g

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