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Q: This item new and complete set?

Asked by BG543321324 on 2021-05-16 10:52:18

Lauland New completed and tested for you and will be ready to fly.

2021-09-26 08:42:19 Helpful (0)
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Q: is this for front or rear drive shafts or both?

Asked by sconnors1989 on 2020-01-19 02:15:17

Lauland for the rear drive shaft and rear end from gear chunk to the rear tire. they have the 2 shafts one Short and 1 longer the short one is the front drive shaft and the long one is the rear drive shaft.

2021-09-26 07:45:25 Helpful (0)
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Lauland Will be assembled and ready to go no re calibration's is needed.

2021-09-25 10:53:21 Helpful (0)
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