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Q: can this be used for 100+100+100W sub amp (2.1amplifier )?

Asked by Sethu Ramachandran on 2018-12-03 11:10:38

handsmhunk Yes you can use it to amplifier if it's variable voltage required is 12 v to 26v.. Its extremly powerful voltage supply

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Q: can use two speakers which watt 100 per

Asked by suraj11more on 2019-05-03 01:43:27

handsmhunk Sure and use 24v 4 ampere power supply in driving big speakers it will work fantastic

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Q: transformer 16v 3amplier. is work

Asked by Sonu Pawar on 2018-04-06 05:00:43

handsmhunk 24v 4 ampere will be best suited power supply.. Use any smps of 24 volt since feeding high voltage will result in fantastic crystal clear sound and big speakers can be driven

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handsmhunk 22/05/2019
The device is very nice and with many features... Its a good add to guys who have cut the cord or disconnected the cable tv and switched to android tv box streaming devices Since in these devices one can see world wide channels.. HD movies. World wide radio.. Any content all for free no monthly recharge just one have to know the information streaming apps he is downloading especially third party apps.. Only good Internet connection is needed.. Thats it... coming back to this device obviously like other devices its also does all work which streaming devices does it also add few features means you can install a internal hard disc of upto 2 tb.. That means it can compute with your computer in terms if storage.. No lack of storage after that.. Even its still got ample storage 4 gb ram and 64 gb rom..but obviously you can buy a 2.5 inch internal sata hard drive to install it if u want to directly download videos and watch them offline.. Internal memory of an android tv box expandable upto 2 tb is itself a huge thing.. Its got another feature of recording you can record a video while streaming.. It will be stored in device and you can watch it later... I've continuously kept the machine running for 10 hours few days back when I got dosent get all is same as other streaming devices.. 4k..rooted Bluetooth etc can buy it if you want to install hard disc in it and remove boundations of memory.. And get ample internal memory.. . Its well ventilated and its launcher is android tv type.. You can change icons and apps as you wish.. Its not often found on most TV box . The device is quit a bit costly than other TV boxes out there but you can go on for this device if you are desperate for additional features... I would recommend you guys to buy during sales you can get it 5000 plus rupees or around 75 dollars.. And go for 4gb 64 gb version
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Q: How can I change the polarity? I could not find the way.

Asked by Takayuki Onogi on 2018-11-06 07:08:46

handsmhunk It's standard

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Q: is it have Bluetooth?

Asked by jagadish m on 2018-08-17 09:58:26

handsmhunk You can upgrade to android 9.0 pie using firmware of h96 max plus 64gb.ive done that and mine got Bluetooth activated along with android 9.0 pie.. But remember only upgrade with firmware of h96 max plus rk3328.. I'm not sure bluetooth will be activated even in 32gb version but since I had 64gb version so I successfully executed this and got Bluetooth even my concern was this to get Bluetooth that's why I did firmware update. One guy saying Chinese language in tool for him I can say there is option in Chinese hit on that language changes from Chinese to English.. To get any confusion clear check YouTube video of firmware flashing tool and changing language..

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Q: is it rooted?

Asked by Kyriakos Sken on 2018-12-26 02:15:00

handsmhunk One of the best tv box out there. I had bought many tv boxes this is best of all.. Had mapping option also

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handsmhunk Bro since bluetooth isn't specified on product.. I got this but no Bluetooth was there.. But Bluetooth option is there inactive.. Is there any way that the Bluetooth can be enabled by firmware update etc?

benziggie 24/06/2019
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handsmhunk How is its working bro since its budget box.having specs of expensive TV box.. .is it work flawless??

Johnny 30/05/2019
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handsmhunk Guys it take at least 10 days after ordering the product to be delivered to you

Deepakmp 04/06/2019
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Asked by Shivaji on 2019-06-04 03:58:57

handsmhunk Yes you can connect 2 in 1 av lead to av socket given in tv box.. By connecting you can connect your old crt tv to this box

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