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Heli_Steph You need to contact the customer support for that. This place is only to five your evaluation of the product.

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Q: overall dimensions?

Asked by jayjulien on 2019-01-08 01:55:17

Heli_Steph 100mmlong wire and the height of the side triangle formed by the 3 batteries is 27.5mm. Fits well in the Taranis X9D and can be charged with the internal nimh charger which is very handy.

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Heli_Steph Youneed to check with the custoemr support. Questions on product are sent to users who bought the same product.

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Heli_Steph It work on both 110v & 220v. I'm in Canada. Mine came with a EU plus and US adapter. If you don'twant to use the adapter, you can always swap de EU cord for a US Can 110v one. It is same as a computer PSU cord.

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Q: Cada motor viene en cagas separadas o los 4 es una sola caja ?

Asked by Terraza on 2018-11-06 05:30:32

Heli_Steph los4 es una sola caja (translated with google!)

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Heli_Steph Istill didn't get mine but if you look in the reviews pictures, it comes with antennas installed, cardboard case and top connector pre-installed. The top connector has , -, analog input (3v max) Sbus out, Sbus in and smart port connection.

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Q: Will this tell how many amps the load is drawing?

Asked by BG545518993 on 2020-04-28 05:29:08

Heli_Steph Yes and it will also indicate if you are in current limiting mode when lowering the current below what the load would normally pull at that voltage.

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Heli_Steph 2019-12-13 18:12:17
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