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Melurbacz I've got to say for the price it is absolutely an amazing piece of equipment you can't really go wrong and she just want a drone flying in the air everything needed on here everything's on that's needed works well no issues USB slightly flimsy I ended up removing mine and not on purpose fragile area

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Q: will this work with FS-T6?

Asked by lukecleland on 2020-08-12 04:55:11

Melurbacz No it won't have tried And I could never get it to work

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Melurbacz definitely not waterproof I changed all of my insides for waterproof insides using an 80 amp RC truck brushed waterproof ESC for mine kept the motor change the servo and receiver on 2200 2 lipo and I've got to say it's absolutely amazing strong durable absolutely brilliant machine for what you pay for it

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Asked by Melurbacz on 2019-08-10 02:55:38

monkeyflipper54 will they fit a husban h122d

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Q: I can use 4s batteries

Asked by angelo500 on 2018-04-03 07:21:56

Melurbacz yo yo drop it on 6-cell you get the 120 amp ESC 6-cell you want a 4076 motor then I've been using two three cell 2200mah I've made to now from these frames very durable very fast and I do recommend if you want a bit extra power go 6 cel bro

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