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CommandoBot 09/07/2019
I am really impressed by the device ... I think I got a version 2.0 ... at least it looks slightly different. It has a laser cut acrylic front and also the case looks different. In addition it has a different user interface and more functions like clock, calendar and so on. The IR remote also utilizes more buttons than shown in the product description. But there is nothing missing, but more functions are available :) ... Nevertheless ... not everything is perfect, but all issues are easily adaptable ... 1.) The IR sensor is on top and way down in the housing. So you really have to point the remote straigt from the top ... Fix: Stick the IR receiver throug the housing and make it point forward ... solved. 2.) The sensitivity of the microphone is quite low ... the music / environment needs to be quite loud to get a propper display ... 3.) The line input on the other hand is too sensitive ... You can change the sensitivity of the displayed frecency bars, true ... But there is another problem then ... The AD is clipping and this completely messes up your spectrum. So I had to bring down the usual 700mVpp line level to roughly 70mVpp with a simple resistor voltage divider. The right level can be found when you display no spectrum but an "oscilloscope" like display ... then you clearly can see the clipping (line forming on top and bottom) ... reduce the input level until the whole waveform displays properly hardly touching the limits. Then the spectrum looks really nice and also some tests with a signal generator showed a really good FFT implementation. When you keep it in the clipping mode, you get way too much high frequency levels due to harmonic generation. When you have the display driven by an adustable output like a separately adjustable headphone output you can do this adjustment there as well .. no problem ... 4.) Is just a "personal" problem ... all texts, calendar information and menus are in Chineese language ... But it is a really good implementation :)
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