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Q: can i use these batteries to build a battery pack for drones?

Asked by madura123 on 2018-06-13 11:07:38

thurgie lot of silly answers here ... yes you can use them to power a drone but you need to know the max amps the motors will pull ... for bigger drones you can run then in parallel as well as series so 4s4p will give u a 6000mah with 40A discharge but your using 8 batteries instead of 4 ... you can also put a throttle limit in so you don't pull too much from the battery... if you pull too much in 1 go the drone will reboot and fall out of the sky

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thurgie using a s-bus reciver 1 wire from your reciver plus power and earth then all the servos plug into the flight controller instead of the reciver

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thurgie@whiteboy1978 no you will need a 3 or 4s 800 to 1800 lipo ... depending on the version you order it can come with or without a crossfire nano rx or you can choose a option of analog vtx with the cadex ant or the digital visa with HD camera. you can opt to have nothing but the air frame and add your own to it ... at a minimum you need a controller and goggles to recive video and a lipo

maseaua2113 16/12/2020
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thurgie1 photo 1 and photo 2 ... there Shakespeare brand rods with a soft action n lots of whip to it more ideal to bait fishing

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