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TysonZA 22/11/2021
This watch overall is a very nice watch, the only issue which is more of a warning is that it has absolutely NO IP Rating whatsoever, don't let the "life waterproof" fool you because it's an absolute lie, and the fact that KOSPET can lie like this makes me feel that I could in no way recommend it. The camera has a nifty feature that allows it to swing, this is the sole reason that it is not at all waterproof. Behind this rotating camera is a little ribbon that runs into the watch, and to get this ribbon inside there is a BIG hole in the side of the watch, this can easily be verified by removing the Sim card tray and simply blowing into the watch, you will feel and hear the air happily flowing out of the gap by the camera. And don't think keeping the camera flipped down will help because it absolutely won't unfortunately. I give this warning because my watch got wet, just from a simple hand wash for 5 seconds and the water got everywhere in the watch, the screen died and the phone took 2 weeks to just turn back on, the watch had to then be disassembled to be thoroughly cleaned inside for it to start working again. This is when I discovered the nice hole that goes straight through the watch frame. The buttons are also not water proof so if you press while near water it will get in unfortunately. This device has son much possibilities but the absolute lack of any water resistance coupled with the ip rating lie makes me suggest you move on to a different device / brand altogether. I'm first smart watch was an Amazfit and this device is totally waterproof so perhaps I had too high an expectation that I could simply wash my hand and not worry.
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vasilhs1926 Im not sure about that just ask the support team.

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