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BG153848563 26/06/2021
This Helicopter really packs a punch both in regards to value and performance. Performance Overview: The two throttle rate settings are great. The helicopter handles well in a light breeze; high winds make it very difficult to control; two limiting factors here are a very lightweight aircraft and lack of 'crazy' power - expected from an entry level helicopter. Design & Durability: This Helicopter is durable and has survived many crashes under my ownership. The package includes a spare rear prop and a set of blades - you'll need these spares, as the components that they replace are usually the first to break; it was only necessary for me to utilise these spare parts after I crash landed the helicopter several times. Additional Comments: The radio control range of the transmitter / reciever combo included in the package is impressive and has maintained a strong connection with the helicopter >40ft in the air. The E129 has an inbuilt fail safe that cuts power to the motor if a radio connection is not detected - this is quite an impressive feature for such an inexpensive RC model. The fail safe means that the helicopter will not just fly away if you can no longer control it, but will effectively just drop out of the sky instead; this reduces the potential for it to create a safety hazard if something were to go wrong. Flight times last around 10-15 minutes before a battery swap or recharge is necessary and it's certainly worth purchasing 2 or more batteries in order to maximise your flight time before having to recharge. ONLY USE THE INCLUDED CHARGER FOR YOUR BATTERIES. The motors in this helicopter are brushed and will become hot to the touch after a few minutes of running, however I have not personally had any overheating issues, even after running the helicopter on two full batteries without a cool down period in between. If you're looking for your first RC Helicopter or an addition to your growing collection, I highly recommend Eachine E129.
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