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BG145439376 Check out look for a toroidal transformer with. 30 0 30 at 5 amps. It runs mine quite well. About 50 or 60 US dollars

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Dino This unit was malfunction and damage to Amplifier modules through leakage of the Live to the chassis

Dino 13/04/2021
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Reuel No. The two channels are not shorted. The amplifier itself is a stereo amplifier that also works as a bridged mono amplifier. It requires left and right channel inputs. In the amplifier, one channel is sent to the inverting input of one amplifier and the non-inverting input of the other amplifier. The other channel is sent to the opposite inputs. The outputs of the two amplifiers are tied to the speaker, causing both amplifiers to act as a single bridged amplifier.

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