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BG221518125 The CNC mill dust on that picture is a dead giveaway it's just photoshopped. The one with the three smiling white collar folks is also highly dubious as they appear to have plugged their power cable into a ballpoint pen and forgot to connect the thing to a computer. The focus of their laser will also be horrible with the engraving head that high. On a more serious note: a speed of 700-800mm per min and 3-4% laser power gets me OK 20-25mil SOIC-level PCB results with dry photoresist film out of the box. For finer detail you will have to get your fingers dirty as the beam shape of an average solid state laser module is never a perfect dot. Mine projects a 0.1x0.3mm rectangle which physically limits designs to ~12mil traces in one of the dimensions and you will only achieve that definition if you can either write your own image preprocessor to separate X and Y moves (different kerf) or can tell your laser software it's drawing with a bar and not a point. Hardware patches like swapping optics, beamforming lenses, or pinhole covers to mask out that unwanted 0.1x0.2mm of extra light might also work (but are messy and fiddly).

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Q: What is the material of the CONDUCTOR ?

Asked by JoZelf on 2019-10-01 07:22:53

bob tinned copper

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