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broger does it work with coffee pods?

willem1988 06/03/2021
Have the brand BlitzWolf already in my household for years because the quality chargers also sold on BangGood. This espresso machine model BW-CCM2 is something new. First impression is very good. Industrial looking stainless steal body give a luxury look. The machine is heavy weight more then expected. It fits really nice into my kitchen. For this price point it’s not a shame that the machine also fits plastics. The led display is new in this type of coffee machines on the market together with the touch buttons on the front. I was curious about how the touch buttons will be react to touching. It’s just good no complaints about that. Then second and maybe most important the taste of coffee. In my case I will compare with a normal machine. It has also a display and industrial looking stainless steal body. I did use LavAzza espresso Italian ground coffee for comparison. To make an espresso with a normal machine it’s about playing with amount of coffee and water. This BlitzWolf BW-CMM2 Espresso Machine already doses the right amount of water and it’s easier then ever to create your perfect shot of espresso. I do love the taste of this machine. But I have to say, the brand of coffee makes the big difference of taste. Next to a button for one or tho shots this machine has a button for a manual amount. Perfect. The water reservoir is removable what makes it easy to refuel. Also possible to open the lid of the reservoir to fill with water. 1.5 liters is enough for a long working day at home. The water tray is ease to remove and fits well. There is a red floating plastic to see when the tray has to clean up. At this moment, i'm not tested the milk frothing proces. The only disadvantage i found was the missing measuring spoon. I do expected it inside the box, but was not there.
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Q: does it switch the boiler on and off?

Asked by broger on 2020-11-15 09:15:45

primusv Pouv

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broger yes it is quiet, but not as strong as the version with the visible fan.

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Q: is it hotproof

Asked by BG112539223 on 2020-12-03 06:16:36

broger It Is not very strong, not as good as the visible fan version.

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BG432515493 credo, dalla descrizione, che sia sprovvisto di hub nonostante l'immagine.. comunque dovrebbero funzionare anche le valvole termostatiche dato che sono della stessa marca

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broger Hi and thanks for the detailed explanation. I don't understand way these thermostatic valves can't turn on and off the boiler as needed. That would save a lot of money in an independent heating system.

BG392113171 26/10/2020
The articles arrived in one package consisting of two boxes. In one box the wireless gateway was packed with with the smart radiator actuator . Therefore please check the content of all boxes before panicking (the wireless gateway is very tiny). In each box you will find the actuator along with instructions and all necessary adapters for the installment. The wireless gateway plugs in to usb a separate usb power supply is not included. Before setting up the the gateway you have to install the "Smart Life"-App. When searching for the gateway please choose wireless zigbee gateway and press the front button on the device for approx. 5 seconds until the both lighs light up (one of the lights will stay on, the other one will blink). After installing the gateway begin to install the necessary adapters on your radiator. The adapter is fixed with a screw and a nut. Afterwards you can start to add batteries 2-AA type (for example panasonic eneloop pro) in the actuator. There is a small black knob as a switch for the wireless function of the device. The battery cover is easy to open but needs significant higher force to close. The instructions explain the procedure for the first use. You have to tap on the home symbol and and use the plus symbol to set the the wireless symbol to stay on. Since the actuator is calibrating it may be necessary to check if the device is properly mounted on the radiator (re-adjusting/re-tightening may be necessary). After the installment you can start searching for the device in the "Smart Life".App. The password for the settings of the actuator is not the same as the Smart Life password as you can choose freely. Password for the settings of the acutators is "123456" without apostrophes. In conclusion: The device is easy to install. Use good batteries like eneloop pro from panasonc for long battery life.
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