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Q: is this really 5800 lumens?

Asked by Joe on 2019-10-16 01:23:38

Flashaholic It will be around 1500-1800 depending on cell

2020-10-20 09:34:49 Helpful (1)
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Q: what is the purpose of this ring?

Asked by Joe on 2019-11-10 07:42:30

raskaj Dårligt svar.... Hvorfor ville nogen skifte til 17mm adapter ?? Hvad kan jeg bruge 17mm adapter til ??????

2020-07-09 04:13:57 Helpful (0)
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ssalvo2917 so you can install a 17mm driver into s21a instead of the factory 20mm driver thats in it now.

2020-01-16 11:40:19 Helpful (0)
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Joe helloagain...I just found out that there is a small clear covering over the negative end of the battery so youll need to remove it to charge your battery. I thought mine was DOA too but sure enough, there is a transparent covering over the negative end of it

degman 2019-10-07 06:01:11
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Joe theymust've paid you to say that because this drill is junk and the specs aren't any better than a Ryobi homeowner grade drill you can buy at Home Depot (for less money, and you don't have to wait weeks to get it). And since when is drill powered measured in watts??? Corded electric drill power is measured in amps. You have no idea what you are talking about

estrela10001 2019-08-16 14:59:16
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