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kencam 2020-01-09 19:57:33
I want to love this unit. It has a lot going for it. It's inexpensive and has great specs. However, I keep having issues. Let me start by saying that the unit is installed correctly and all connections were soldered. 1st issue is that I'm constantly losing functionality on 2 of my steering wheel buttons. I can immediately reset them with the app and they work for a while but then go back out. The 2nd issue it a random reboot. It's happened twice so far. When it rebooted it wiped out some of my settings. All the preset stations, gain inputs in the audio settings and a few other things were reset to factory default. My phones bluetooth settings and all apps were fine. Whatever it is doesn't completely reset the device. 3rd Sometimes the screen is unresponsive. I have to tap repeatedly to get it to work. Those issues might just be my unit. I assume there is something wrong with it. There are other issues that are just software related. The radio app is less than perfect. If you save a station to a preset it will save whatever is on the display as the preset name. So if you want to save your local NPR station and Morning Edition is currently playing your preset name might be named "Morning". It's not bad just weird. When playing music from my phone through my phone using Google Play Music I can see the name of the song and artist when the app is full screen but that info isn't available on the home screen. There are placeholders for that information above the controls. The Torque app can't be updated of uninstalled. I own the pro version of that app and want to use it but I can't. I also can't connect my bluetooth OBD2 tool to the device. I've ordered a USB scan tool. Hopefully that will work. It seems that the unit can't connect to more than 1 bluetooth device. It works great with your phone but that is it. The unit has great sound. The animations are smooth. GPS works great. The WiFi is adequate. The reverse camera works when the unit is still booting.
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Q: play services

Asked by kencam on 2019-12-30 07:23:20

Samonia which service do you mean?

2020-01-04 02:56:49 Helpful (0)
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Q: How to get Super User rights?

Asked by Vitaliy on 2019-12-21 10:48:00

kencam Did you ever figure this out?

2020-01-02 01:48:03 Helpful (0)
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kencam It looks like there is no way to uninstall the Torque app. You can disable it but it will not uninstall and you can't update it through the play store.

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