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Nunito Hello, Take a look in my youtube video in the videos reviews product section, I have a dimensions on video. Thanks for your support, feel free to subscribe and comment. Regards

2021-02-05 06:34:47 (0)
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JohnnyCanada Just a minor point...FPV mode seems to record "up to 5 minutes". I sometimes get 5, sometimes 4, usually more than 3. This on an always fully charged and room temperature (to start) camera. If I was to put numbers on it I would say I get 5 minutes about 40% of the time, I get over 3 minutes 95% of the time. This is with the latest firmware, prior to this firmware I got 5 minutes almost 100% of the time so I suspect the latest firmware has intruduced this (either on purpose or mistakenly).

2020-09-22 09:45:02 (0)
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