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Q: where is software

Asked by bhubesh25 on 2019-12-17 01:49:04

Doctore Here you go:\witrn\upd\upd005_software.rar (replace backward slash with forward slash). Shall the URL become obsolete or 404, just ask and I can upload my copy to google drive. I really don't understand why on - manufacturers website, there's no browsing of the website, you can't find the software, they really have to fix it. Same with sellers, they show screenshots of the upgrade software yet don't give you the link. EVENE THERE they are unable to answer the question. I never struggled soo much to obtain the software...

2020-06-05 03:46:06 Helpful (3)
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Doctore Dude no way it's only 25MB/s.It sounds like you're running USB 1.0...USB 2.0 is like 120MB/sWith proper M.2 drive you should get 500MB/s.You clearly did/used something wrong.

corridorwarrior 2017-06-29 10:44:42
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