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bkg2018 09/09/2018
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Q: Does it light up in all the colours or just one?

Asked by mattyhelifish on 2021-01-10 06:26:25

bkg2018 The colour you buy only. There are 5 pins: 2 for the signal wire you want the button to open or close, 2 for the LED powering and 1 for mass, which you can probably link to the LED's (-) pin. The LED is quite bright so if you want to dim it a little you'll have to add a resistor on one of the LED pins. But there is no colour control.

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bkg2018 Notsure if it works but it should, it's only a USB device. However quality is poor (VGA res) and only black

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bkg2018 06/03/2019
Good hardware for the price, but the Hantek software (Windows only) is not the same quality. The Scope has 2 channels which are easy to use, but the software is not so nice. The "auto" button does a nice job but that's about it. The rest of operation is counter-intuitive. Also there is a lot of jitter and noise but that is the price consequence. Precision is honnest though, and the measurement cursor, although not very pratical, does the job. All in all it's relatively nice as a scope. If you have the courage, there are open source alternatives for this scope software, look for SigRok and Open6022BE. But they are not going well with the official drivers so be prepared for some installation nightmare. The Logic Analyzer hardware seems pretty capable, but the Hantek software is a joke. All it does is : capture whatever is on the logic pins for an amount of time after you start it, then display the curve and give you hand, but form there it's horrible. You cannot capture and display in real-time, you have no trigger, and scrolling or zooming is painful and horribly slow. Honnestly, this software piece is a shame. Given the age of this product, there's lttle chance than Hantek gives something better any day. As a side remark, I used it with no difficuly in Parallels Desktop on my MacBookPro, and it doesn't seem to suffer from USB virtualization but probably it's better to boot in Windows with Bootcamp. So, it's worth the price as a scope, but don't put too much hope in the logic analyzer stuff.
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