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lorddeath The official/stock firmware is very fussy. If the voltage (as measured by the iron) drops below 8V, it displays "Low-Vot" and cuts out. I've been seeing a lot of voltage drop along the supplied cable (which you'd expect when drawing 2A from it), so two of my QC3 supplies only get 8.2 or 8.3V at the iron; using my QC3 power bank results in the iron cutting out entirely. HOWEVER, the TS100 third-party firmware by Ralim has been modified to work with the TS80, and that firmware doesn't have a minimum voltage cut-off (it'll even heat from 5V, albeit quite slowly!). So give that a go instead :) It's currently only in a pre-releases stage, so it's linked by Ralim in one of the comments in this thread: Good luck!

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