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Q: Why did the price increase by 30usd before Black Friday?

Asked by SAIK66 on 2019-11-29 11:09:27

Draugr I noticed that a whole lot of Banggood's inventory received a substantial increase right before black Friday. Along with the dramatic increase in price, there were side notes indicating how much of a "Black Friday discount" they were offering, out of the goodness of their hearts no doubt. I wish that Banggood would realize just how many people they piss-off pulling shit like their black Friday scam. I had picked an RC plane out that I wanted. A few days later I went to their site to purchase it. I nearly hit the GD roof when I discovered that the little shts marked it up $30.00 for black Friday. Luckily for me, I saved it in the cart the first time I looked at it and had left that page open in another tab (because I had a feeling they'd do something crappy). I clicked on the tab and there it was for the original, pre-black Friday massive price increase. I processed the purchase from that page and got it at the original price. Had I have not been able to get it at the price I originally found it at I would not have made the purchase. I guess they believe that foreigners, especially Americans are stupid. Due to their little black Friday scam, I now look high and low for items elsewhere. If I find what I'm wanting and even if it is a little more, I will buy it somewhere else rather than deal with crooked sellers like Bang-U-Good.

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