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Pipistrelli Choose the inbuilt receiver type that matches your own transmitter protocol. The quad is not trash, but there are other more powerful (brushless) 1S quads available now, such as UK US UR65.

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Q: You have to be crazy to pay that price ??

Asked by EddieD on 2020-04-01 06:22:28

Pipistrelli I have never found new quality cells as cheap as $3. Two of these packs in series would make a very cheap electric bike battery. Typically costing £250 or more...

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Q: compativel com o mini drone s66 ?

Asked by BG373613312 on 2020-09-30 05:39:40

Pipistrelli I don’t think so, these are performance motors for the Eachine E010S. If the S66 motors are 6mm dia x 15mm long then they could be used.

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Q: Can you bind this module to the R9m reciever?

Asked by CrazyZergyFPV on 2020-08-26 09:39:25

Pipistrelli This module is 2.4 GHz frequencies only. You will need an R9M Lite module to bind to R9M Receivers.

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Q: Can this be changed to Mode 3?

Asked by BG363837164 on 2020-06-27 04:16:39

Pipistrelli Yes it can easily bet set up for Modes 1, 2, 3 & 4. The internal setup is through the menu system and the gimbal spring and ratchet mechanism can be swapped from the rear with a couple of screws. Easy!

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Q: Does it need A power cord?

Asked by BG943572238 on 2020-06-20 12:13:57

Pipistrelli This works on mains or battery power. A mains cable is supplied, but this is is easily replaced with a standard Fig 8 type cable. The battery input is an XT60 and the charger can be powered with a 2S-4S battery pack.

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Q: Will it work with micro eagle?

Asked by Rook62 on 2019-07-04 11:19:43

Pipistrelli No, this won’t fit micro cameras, only designed for Mini Cams.

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Q: Lens 1.8 ? 2.1 ? Other? Thx

Asked by tny1184 on 2019-05-31 02:33:22

Pipistrelli Don’t worry about the lens size, I think this is very different on such a small camera. The FOV is good and 800tVL provides more than enough detail. This is a fantastic AIO for the price.

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Q: what is the range of this transmitter??

Asked by Khizer_Sniper on 2018-09-23 01:00:10

Pipistrelli That depends on where you’re using it, at 25mw it’s good for about 0.5 mile when racing with others around the field. At 200 mw, it all depends what antennas you use, but easily more than double the 25mw distance.

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Q: it is compatible whit specktrum reciver?

Asked by emanuelesdq on 2019-09-14 09:20:02

Pipistrelli It works with SBUS and PWM receivers, so yes it is compatible with Spektrum.

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