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Q: what version to buy for UK usage

Asked by Bob on 2020-05-11 10:48:05

BG521481610 ThereEU version will be fine. Note that it is shipped with 2 pin charger NOT a uk 3 pin.

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BG521481610 Ireceived a Power 3 and it's seriously good value. No complaints here.

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BG521481610 I really don't think you can trust this listing. The images are of more than one product and at least four images are knocked off and 'photoshopped' from a main brand (Twinkly Lights). I am even doubting any of the pictures shown are of the actual product but scraped from other manufacturers. Several images show single color strings with two running lines between single leds. Others show 4 lines between Leds. One image, with 4 lines, shows three leds at each node which might suggest these are PWM controled lights so not addressable. However, this would make the photos showing multicolor strings clearly misleading. Also, if you are thinking these are copies of the twinkly lights - they are not and will not be compatible. Twinkly lights use a different data transmission path and protocol and do not use WS2811 style or similar leds. Buy with the utmost caution. You will likely not get what you are expecting.

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