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Frode 2018-03-08 05:15:15
This is really a fantastic plane, so much fun and speed from a sheet of foam. Cheap as chips, simple to build and the bucket of fun all full! I had a motor with a 6x4EP APC-propeller, rx, servos and esc from a AXN Clouds Surfer that I shredded through some forest trees, and this electronics was lying in a box, when I decided I'd better find some use for it. This wing caught my interest, and at that cheapo price it was worth a try. It's a simple build, just make sure all the carbonstrips gets deeply buried with lots of glue into the foam. It is quite soft whatever you do, probably also if adding even more strips. Laminating would probably be the only way to make it a really fast wing. Fitting an oversized motor like I did really begs for some speed, so strengthening it from bending the wide wing should probably be on the agenda. However, I have left it as is, and rather try to be careful on the throttle. Using 30-40% throttle gets a nice, speedy flying experience, but when taps open fully it really explodes in rage. Might not last too long that way. Nonetheless: A flying wing makes orientation a bit difficult, and beginners (like me) really should focus hard when flying. The EPP is strong, but tape does not adhere to it, so the red and green tape I have fitted to the winglets comes loose. Maybe a spray of paint would stick? It's (like any wing) agile, and the 1 meter wingspan also makes for some easy gliding, even if the weight of my setup makes the gliding just an effortless and slow landing experience, not thermalling or anything like it. I needs some reflex (elevons pointing a bit up), an amount of expo (30-40%), and a rather low triple rates (started at 50, 70 and 100%, changing to 60/70/100% rates after getting used to the feel of the wing). CoG: smth like 165-170mm from fronttip. If you're used to use rudder, make a 100% mix rudder-to-aileron. Using 1300mAh/3S LiPo. If You do have some electronics, get one of these wings, and reuse the electronics for a cheap and fun flying experience.
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