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sunnysys Thanks for the review! :) I have to choose between the Wowstick 1F+ and this one. Which one would you recommend more, and why? Thank you! :)

Dickie 2020-09-05 05:58:49
Good quality electric screwdriver. Very comfortable to hold and operate. The case is excellent, a quick push at one end and it springs open revealing the driver and the bits, which are all held in place securely with magnetism. There's also little diagrams above the bits to let you know at a glance which bit you are choosing and where it should be stored. Bit's are of good quality. Excellent for small electronic repairs. The deep hole bits are a godsend too. There is a discernable difference between the two gear settings, the lower one is ideal when dealing with more fragile devices such as mobile phone disassembly and repair. The charging light is very noticeable (unlike my wow stick screwdriver which is minute and hard to see) and the USB C charging circuit means you can easily plug the cable in any way round (again, unlike my wowstick that uses micro USB that can be a pain to tell the right way up). I love using it at the moment. The only thing I can think that would improve it was if it had an Led in the tip to light the working area (like wowstick 😁). I heartily recommend this device to anyone who regularly disassembles and repairs devices or for the hobbiest who races/flys R/C vehicles. It's excellent. Ps. Should point out that the instructions are entirely in Chinese, but it's pretty straight forward to operate. It can't be overcharged (auto cuts off when at full capacity) and has a simple forward/reverse button. It can be used manually in any gear to tweak up the torque by just twisting it like any normal screwdriver.
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