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Asked by RajanKanwar on 2019-07-18 12:59:34

Frapson What?

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Asked by RajanKanwar on 2019-07-18 12:59:48

Quilling Hello,what's your question about this watch?

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Yakopra Camera is working after trail period also. In options select save to SD Card. It saves video to SD Card on motion or sound detection in .v264 format. We can see those videos in the latest VLC player. But Audio is not available. If you find a way to detect audio also, please let me know through comments. Also you have video icon in Time line Display. If you click it, it will save video as MP4 in some directory in Android. My default video player of the cell phone played video but there was no audio from this saved mp4 file. But using MI video player, it plays Video as well as Audio!

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Kayly Generally, the energy of door sensor cam use for about 1 year, built-in cr2132 button battery. If find the battery is low when you receive the goods, you can find customer service to deal with the situation

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Q: it can interwork with Digoo Hama system?

Asked by Korte68 on 2018-04-12 01:56:22

RajanKanwar Yes it can

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RajanKanwar Hi. Thanks for the review, it is very informative. I understand from your review that with the XME and Digoo DG-M1X configuration the motion detection feature does not work, but my question is that are you able to view and record the cameras from outside your local network without port forwarding? Or do you suggest that one should buy DG-M1 instead?

Lallo 2018-03-28 02:23:24
I spent some time before reviewing the product to be able to test it in depth. My configuration includes a Digoo DG-XME NVR, two Ip Digoo DG-M1X cameras and a Digoo DG-M1Q IP camera. My goal was to connect the cameras to the NVR and configure the system so that it was possible to detect, memorize and notify intrusions at certain times of the day. Let's start from the beginning: the three cameras have been connected to the Wifi network and can be managed through the DigooEye APP in all its functions. It is possible to activate and deactivate the motion detection with relative sound signal on the IP camera and on the smartphone, to memorize the images on the local SD for time slots, in continuity or on event detection, to act on the movement of the camera. Using the DigooEye application for PC it is possible to manage the files present on the various SD of the IP cameras, proceeding also to download them from the remote PC. Now let's insert the XME, the cameras are detected automatically by the NVR, you can act on the movement of the same, record the images only in continuity and in the face of alarm (attention that this feature does not include motion detection), manage registrations, receive notifications via e-mail. The management of the XME is feasible through local connection to the same, by http-local commutation to the LAN or through the product APP XMEye. I would say all right, the problem remains the management of the NVR of motion detection, the registration does not start, for it is possible to configure for each IP cameras the various parameters, but not the Region whose functionality is inhibited by an error. I contacted the Digoo support, pointing out the problem, we keep in mind that NVR and IP camera are all from the same manufacturer and therefore should be compatible, moreover all the products are certified ONVIF and therefore they should all talk to each other being the protocol one standard. The answer is that there is no compatibility for this functionality between the devices mentioned, this is only possible with the DG-M1. I confirm that the functionality described above works perfectly using models of other manufacturers of IP cameras (Escam for example), so the DG-XME does its job very well. I decided to include this review to allow everyone to know what could be the situation you are facing, I hope it was useful.
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RajanKanwar I have the same problem. Have spent hours trying various plunger settings. Nothing works.

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