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Q: Is the container Glass or Plastic??

Asked by BG405317571 on 2022-01-28 04:47:28

Dan not glass,its polycarbonate plastic jar..

2022-08-18 06:37:38 Helpful (0)
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Dan Ahoj,idu zatial v pohode len jedna kamera mi odisla po dlhšej dobe.Objednal som si rovnakú kameru (tú istú značku 5mp naštastie ich predavaju aj po kusoch) a ide doteraz.

Dan 12/12/2020
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BG421701713 Sorry, only pink is in stock in the warehouse in China. You can see other similar products that had the color you want

2022-07-04 05:29:57 Helpful (0)
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