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Q: what is the size in millimeters of the amplifier?

Asked by BG561041411 on 2022-04-02 02:27:38

Zuti not 100% detailed (accurate), but I hope it helps 125 x 42,5 x 78 (100 with knob end connectors)

2022-04-03 11:44:41 Helpful (1)
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Zuti Iuse it to prune branches on my fruit trees. So it is not in continuous mode. The battery is low capacity and I use both batteries in one afternoon pruning. But the batteries are two and are charged alternately. BE SURE (MUST) to buy a model with two batteries. :-)) My recommendation:buy for yourself and extra / HILDA-4-Inch-Mini- chain saw

Zuti 04/03/2021
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