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famillelovin Hello the seller. The issue is very well described by Slawek on September 24,2020. Obviously you can't see it so I will put it again here The PIR Sensor works only once! After I create the smart scene with PIR Sensor and the light connect to the BlitzWolf® BW-SS1 Wireless Smart Switch, across the BlitzWolf® BW-IS1 Multifunction Smart Gateway (just like on the photo with upstairs), the PIR Sensor works only once—turn on the light, then after 1 minute turn it off, and that's all. It don't works any more. But if I set up the smart scene again, it works once again and then stops. How can I make loops in this script? Can I edit the script files manually on iPhone? Many people have the same problem like me. Do you have any mode to resolve it? Or just simply—HOW WORKS THE UPSTAIR EXAMPLE??? Please just answer the question because for many people this sensor is useless.

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famillelovin BW-IS2sensor is not stand-alone. It needs Zigbee gateway to work (for example BW-IS1)

2020-12-27 08:17:25 Helpful (0)
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