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sebastian 2018-04-05 02:24:22
So, I received this one yesterday. The packaging was good, a simple, nicely printed cardboard box and some blister, in which the Smartband sits. You get two bands with it: The color your ordered and a blackone. That is quite nice, not even the "high end" manufacturers do this. So this is a high plus. you have to put the smartband together before you can use it, but this is not to hard - just stick the correct pieses together, The part for the USB connecter goes is a bit tough to put it on, dont know why. You should think that this should go easier, since you have to take the band-part off everytime you want to charge. Speaking of which, the device comes without a charger. To Charge, you take the band of und stick the smart-band into any source of USB inlet. Charging takes around 30 - 45 minutes, then you're good to go. Connecting is with your phone is quite easy, too. Simply scan the QR code in the manual, download the app (dont forget to switch 3rd-party-apps in your android phone on), install it and register. Turn your Bluetooth on, search for the band on the app - Done! So, lets talk about the functions. The Pedo Meter is alright - I think it registeres the steps you take quite good. Hard to tell, since you can shake the band to raise the steps counted. The heart rate monitor seems to be a bit off. You have to let your HR measure for a while. First time it registeres a HR of 84, after a couple of seconds it was down to 68 - 72, quite normal. The Blood pressure on the other hand is a complete desaster. Why did you even bother to put it in!? The first measurement was around 120/80, a good results. 10 Seconds later it measured 140/97 - Way to high! So, you should buy a real blood pressure device and dont rely on this bracelet. So, all in all, for the basic features - Pedo meter, time - this is a good device. Everything else is just a nice gadged, but you should rely on it.
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